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When we say, “it’s about getting better…”

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We say it all the time.  Do we mean it?  YES!   We apply this to all areas of life.   For some of you this may be a bit frustrating (because if you are always trying to get better-you never really ‘arrive.’)  But for others of you, you enjoy the challenge of continual improvement.   THIS?  Is why we celebrate your PR’s.  Yahoo and ringy dingy you achieved SOMETHING you never have before.  Let’s commemorate this moment and begin the progression of the Next Thing.

Can this apply to nutrition?  Absolutely.  Can I challenge you to something for ONE week?  YOU pick: one week without alcohol, one week of drinking ‘enough’ water, eat at home (no going out), no sugar, try a new vegetable, eliminate sodas…pick what YOU think would have the greatest impact.  You may add to the list.  Choose something that you know would have the most impact.

Let me know if you participate and we will ring that bell to celebrate.


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