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Recovery During the Open-By Hayley

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It’s the best time of the Crossfit year: the Open is upon us! Outside of the usual advice to drink more water, get to sleep earlier, and up your mobilization game, here are a few things to keep you in tip-top shape for the Open and ensure proper recovery between workouts.

1. Decrease inflammation.
A tough workout causes inflammation in the body leading to muscle soreness and delayed recovery. Mitigate this by decreasing inflammation in other areas you can control: Cut back on your sugar and processed carb intake for the next five weeks and replace them with whole sources of carbs like potatoes, squash, bananas, etc. Take an epsom salt bath the night after the event. Add a curcumin supplement to your regime or add turmeric into your diet by adding a little to smoothies, eggs, and other recipes.

2. Refuel.
Getting in post workout carbs and protein is important after every workout, but especially after those as grueling as the Open WODs. If you aren’t going straight home after the gym and getting in a meal right away make sure you bring something with you to the gym. Keep it simple by throwing a couple scoops of protein powder in a shaker bottle with coconut water which will provide the necessary carbs your muscles need to repair themselves and also hydrating electrolytes (no need for Gatorade, people). This isn’t meant as a meal replacement however, so once you’re done cheering on your friends get home and eat some real food!

3. Work on your breathing.
Training puts our body in a catabolic state (muscle and energy store breakdown) and proper recovery is achieved once we are switched back into an anabolic state (muscle building). To make this switch we must move quickly from an excited state to a relaxed one, and an easy way to do this is by slowing your breathing through your nose, both during and after your workout. When you find yourself huffing and puffing 50 burpees into your set of 100, take a step back, inhale through your nose, hold briefly, and exhale through nose. This will lower your heart rate, allow more oxygen to be delivered to your tissues, and make you more efficient in your workout.

Hayley is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.   She has her BA in psychology from Texas A&M.  Check her out on our Meet the Coaches page.  

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