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by Coach Kyle

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The Crossfit Open is quickly approaching.  I know there are many that are trying to decide if they should partake in the Open.  To some it may seem pointless or even useless.  In trying to help you understand why the Open is important to the well-being of the crossfitter I’d like to share you my motivation for competing in the Crossfit Open as well as other events (it may be different than you think).

My reasoning is two-fold and can best be illustrated by my WORST event in the Fittest Games just this past weekend.  After 4 events, I came to the event I was most worried about: United We Handstand.  It was 20 burpees with a sandbag, 15 handstand push-ups, 20 pistols, 15 handstand push-ups, and 20 burpees with a sandbag. I began to fail on the handstand push-ups early in my first set and I began to panic.  I knew I needed to do well and I knew that continuing to fail would only make the workout tick by slower.  As I trudged through I saw my competitors finish one by one all around me.  It knocked me out of the finals and felt heart breaking at the time.  However, Monday morning as I reflected back I didn’t feel or even truly remember the heart break.  What I remembered was hearing my brother and four of my new friends yelling for me so loud I heard them over the whole crowd.  I remember Phoenix filming me and yet stopping to give me encouragement.  I remember as I put my head on my sandbag in disappointment as I was time capped in the workout I wanted to feel pity, but heard my friends yelling encouragement over even my own thoughts.  In what seemed like my lowest moment, I experienced exactly what Crossfit is about and the reason that I compete in the Open.  I felt the drive to be better at something, and I felt the camaraderie of those around me.

I remember doing my first muscle up almost 2 years ago because of the Open and I also remember my friend.  Both of us lay on the floor trying to recover from 20 minutes of lunges.  The Open drives us to be better and drives our communities closer.