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Building Toward Your Goals-by Kyle

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We all have them, don’t we?  We have that one movement that we look at and say “that’s the movement I want to do!”  And for a week we do a great job of putting our plans of action into place.  We watch every video on youtube, consult the coaches and experts, and practice even the tiniest of movements so that, by next open, we can do that WOD RX!  We have a routine that we set so we can achieve our goals.  Then things get in the way.  Kids make it tough to get extra time, work doesn’t let you get away quite as quickly as you would like, or you feel like you got hit by a truck from yesterday’s workout.  All of the sudden, that 30 extra minutes that you had to work on your skills turns into barely getting to class on time.

Unfortunately, those dreams we have of accomplishing our goals tend to fall by the wayside of life when it seems like just being here for class is an accomplishment!  30 extra minutes can be hard to find.  But what about those 5 minutes before or after the class that we spend standing around waiting for the next class to start?  What if we treated achieving new skills like a chipper WOD as opposed to an AMRAP and every day we did 5 minutes of work?  If you took just 5 minutes a day 6 times a week between now and the 2018 open that means you’d put in 1530 minutes of work (25.5 hours) on just one skill!  I’d bet you’d be able to do that RX hand stand push up then!  Try this 5 minute plan:


Monday-strength specific to your goal

Tuesday-mobility specific to your goal

Wednesday-movement pattern specific to your goal

Thursday-strength specific to your goal

Friday-mobility specific to your goal

Saturday-movement pattern specific to your goal

The best part is, much of this can be done at home!  Because you are working on patterns, mobility, and small elements of strength (as opposed to just attempting 10 ring muscle ups every day…speaking from experience here) you don’t need a lot of specialized equipment or even a lot of time to make MAJOR improvements!  Talk to your coaches to get your 5 minutes plan organized and stop dreaming and start achieving!  Good Luck!

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